Saturday, July 14, 2007

Interesting iphone survey results

Edward C.Baig of USA today reports on a very interesting survey about apple iphone. A few points that jump out of the article.

  • 40% of the people who bought iphone were first time apple customers.
  • 35% of the people who bought an iphone payed 167$ or above to break thier existing contracts to switch over.
  • On an average the iphone customer will be paying 35$ extra each month over thier previous subscription plans.
  • The reasons that many people did not buy the iphone was because of it price. The average willing ness to pay looks to be around 180 $ (Why are we not surprised?).

So who is complaining? Except for the other network operators who lost thier customers, Looks like almost nobody is:

  • 90% of the customers are either extremely happy or very happy about thier iphone. purchases.

We all like win-win-win don't we?

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