Sunday, July 22, 2007

iPhone batteries - to change or not to change?

On of the raging controversies surrounding the iphone's hardware design decisions is the iPhone's battery. As you are aware, iphone's batteries are soldered onto the main PCB and are not meant to be changed. Customers are going to be concerned because of this fact. For one, heavy phone users are not going to like this as they would not like to get stranded if the onboard batterry dies down and they cannot get back on to their phones by swapping a charged stand by battery. Second, this is possibly going to cause maintenance problems as well. If the battery needs replacement, chances are, you might need to replace the entire iphone as there is no way to seperate out the battery. We all know what a pain that would be - considering that we need to do backups from the iphone onto our PCs and from our PCs back to the new iphones.

Ofcourse, we need not be concerned about the problems as the phone itself is quite new and in all possibility, the battery should work fine for a year or so. After that? don't look at me. Apple has to provide an asnwer. It better be a good one since it has one whole year to think of one.

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