Monday, July 16, 2007

iphone bugs

One of the off-side of being an early adopter is that you have to deal with the bugs that come up with new software / new device. 'Why can't they come up with something that is without bugs?' You ask. You see, the problem is, however smart the design team is, it cannot possibly test a device or software for every possible eventuality. Compound this with the fact that the most sophisticated software is also the one that is most susceptible to failure as it has to interact with so many different elements. Devices are bound to have imperfections and iPhone is no exception.
A team of engineers at applehound fiddling around with the iPhone have released a list of 68 bugs . In case you purchased an apple iPhone, you don't need to feel like you purchased a lemon. Chances are, in course of your normal usage, you will never encounter any of these errors. Another good thing about this is that the bugs are all software related. This means that these bugs can be fixed by a simple firmware / software update through the Internet. It would have been much more difficult to resolve if it had been related to hardware.

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